Lighter Side: The piste de resistance of ski chalets

by 05 Dec 2014
We’ve all experienced property envy, but if these five ski chalets don’t make you green, you might be in the wrong profession.
Here’s our countdown of the top five ski chalets you wish you owned – or better yet, sold. Ka-ching!
5 – A “Big Ass” property in Clearview
At “just” $2.4 million, this Clearview, Ont., property features five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a whole lot of energy efficiency. It’s minutes away from the private Osler Bluff Ski Club and has eight Big Ass fans (that’s what they’re called, and trust us, that’s impressive).
4 – An elevator to the skies in Mont-Tremblant
This property isn’t exactly perched on the side of a mountain – it’s actually a lakefront property – but the $7.5 million home is located in the Mont-Tremblant region of Quebec, which is known for the mountain bearing its name. The property also comes with an elevator, a wine cellar and two cinema rooms.
3 – A special place for special buyers
This property is nothing special – if you’re the kind of person who consider 4.3 private acres nothing special. But, with a listing price of $15.9 million and views of the prestigious Whistler Mountain, it’s obvious this chalet will attract only those special buyers.
2 – A ski bunny’s dream
Built especially for those who can’t get enough of the slopes, this $4.5 million Blue Mountain, Ont., home features its very own ski-tuning room. And a 500-bottle wine cellar… And a private tennis court… And a 14-person hot tub…
1 – A very private place
Privacy really is key when searching for the best luxury ski chalet. Take this $12 million Whistler property: it has a private lagoon, a private fire pit, your very own trout pond, and a channel to the River of Golden Dreams, which is actually a thing. As if that weren’t enough, it also comes with all the adventure toys you want.

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