Lighter Side: The rise of real estate rappers

by REP21 Nov 2014
As listing videos become more common, agents continue to look for unique ways to set their own videos apart – and one of those ways is by rapping.

Yes, rapping.

Agents are increasingly channeling their inner Biggies and Tupacs, rapping about everything from a luxurious property, to a wonderful neighbourhood, the services they offer and a whole lot more.
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Whether good or bad, there are enough of these folks that we were able to make a list. Here are the top five real estate rappers.

5 – Rafael Alberto Perez, San Diego

While his use of a green screen is questionable and his cadence leaves much to be desired, Perez does point out a lot of wonderful features of living in San Diego.

4 – The Landmark Group, Missouri

This group of lenders embraced the silly nature of the real estate rap video, channeling that to create what is actually a really informative video. In the video, Money N tha Bank, as they’re called, introduce viewers to the lending group and explain the process in great detail.

3 – Andrew Kyriacou, Australia

The listing video for this Ridgehaven property is… interesting, to say the least. Kyriacou takes the rap video experience to the max, including the steretypical trademarks of rap: bling, cash, and women.

2 – RE/MAX Elite, Melbourne

This video for a RE/MAX brokerage in Australia is structured as something of a rap battle. The video pits two sales reps against each other and outlines the benefits to working with a knowledgeable agent.

1 – Real Estate Rockstars, Los Angeles

California seems to produce a staggering number of real estate rappers, but this Los Angeles-based team certainly takes the cake. Their enthusiasm alone is amazing, and the video's introduction to the team and their services is unparalleled.

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