New app aims to help agents become community experts

by Justin da Rosa on 28 Jun 2017
With a shift in buyer habits that prioritize searching for a neighbourhood before contacting an agent, one company has figured out a way for the profession to take advantage.

CityPOV is a new app that aims to connect local agents with buyers who are searching for homes in particular neighbourhoods.

“During our two years of research and development for the CityPOV interactive app, which facilitates community interaction and engagement, we learned something important about how the online behaviour of homebuyers has changed,” said Lloyd. “They search for a community first, then a home, and last, but not least, a good Realtor The process used to be the reverse – you got a Realtor and he or she showed you the other two.”

The company spent two years researching and developing the platform and discovered homebuyers start their search for a community first.

“Buyers want to immediately identify the ‘go-to’ community expert. They see this Realtor as the best person to help them find the right home in that community.” He added: “The perfect time for a Realtor to be front and centre with a homebuyer is during an initial online search for a community. We work with Realtor and offer them community exclusivity in their neighbourhoods. That means that our community-expert Realtor is the one that potential homebuyers engage with first when they start their search for a new home.”

CityPOV aims to help agents leverage their community-specific expertise and connect them to those buyers.

“Skyrocketing housing prices, employment opportunities, retirement, and access to the right schools and/or health care are all factors that determine why people don’t always stay in the same neighbourhood for long periods of time,” the company behind CityPOV said. “Today, Canadians often change areas, regions, provinces and even countries. And before anything else, they want to find the right community for their family and lifestyle.”

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