New breed of part-timers to grow agent ranks

by Olivia D'Orazio01 Apr 2015
Baby boomers leaving the workforce are re-entering as real estate agents, a career choice set to swell industry numbers with surprisingly committed and aggressive part-timers.
Writing in Business Insider, Boston-area sales rep John Stark laid out his reasons for entering a real estate career during his twilight years. Some of his reasons were silly – “It's fun to go through people's houses when they're not home. You can even open their closet doors. And, you can't get arrested for it,” he wrote – but many more were quite thoughtful.
Stark pointed to many of his own life experiences that have helped him succeed in real estate. He says his age helped to level the learning curve, providing him with the confidence he needs to work well with his clients.
“They don't teach you those skills in real estate school,” he writes.
He also points to the fact that, unlike many younger agents, he’s purchased and sold many properties in his lifetime, and he shares those experiences with clients.
“While I may not be able to calculate mortgage payments in my head, I can give a buyer first-hand knowledge of what it's like to be indebted to a bank for 30 years,” Stark writes. “I can talk about how I've benefited from my equity and tax deductions.”
Plus, Stark says he’s learned to keep his mouth shut about his clients’ questionable tastes – such as those who want to tamper with, say, the antique built-in bookshelves or the original Victorian fireplace. After all, those tangible things don’t really matter.
“You can buy a house,” he says. “But you can't buy a home. Age has taught me that.”


  • by Fantastic!! 4/1/2015 2:02:03 PM

    More Agents! More Agents!!! More Commission Wars!! Agents are becoming like fast food workers and prices will follow all the way down.
    Reality Realtor...

  • by Boomer 4/1/2015 4:34:29 PM

    I am one of those written about in this post but not part time by any means and wish to suggest to Fantasticll that he/she should hope for more of ones like me who sell marketing value and not commission reductions.
    I'm not afraid nor worried to give up a listing because they want someone to sell their property because so and so is offering this commission or that commission. I simple say to those, we are not a match and I leave that audience to others.
    I can and do market my value and my value has done me very well, thank you.

  • by Reality 4/2/2015 9:22:06 AM


    You don't have a crystal ball and the good advice you may have is not worth more than 1000-2,000. If my accountant ,lawyer,dentist charges 1000-2,000...A relator is not worth anymore. You don't have a crystal ball and the rest is just looking up comparables,tour /taxi service. Please tell me what more do u offer that my accountant ,lawyer,dentist would do in their profeession...they offer tremendous advice,directions ,solutions,answers,fix problems etc...if u use the realtors thinking they too should be making double/triple what a Realtor makes per client!!!!

    More agents!! More Agents!!! More Commission wars!! Realtors invented the sneaky bidding wars....

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