New Canadians overwhelmingly target home ownership

by REP on 30 Jun 2017
New study reveals Canadians born outside the country view home ownership as a major milestone.

 A new study by the Ontario Real Estate Association and Ipsos found a large majority of Ontarians born outside Canada (80%) say home ownership is important to them. That’s even higher than those born in Canada (75%).

“The unity between Ontarians, born here or not, reinforces the notion that home ownership truly is the Canadian Dream,” said Ettore Cardarelli, President of the Ontario Real Estate Association. “When my family and many of their friends immigrated to Canada in the 1960s, home ownership was one of their primary motives. Buying a home to raise a family in was what everyone coming to this country did. The real estate market may have changed since then, but the dream is still alive.”

The survey found 83% of those born outside Canada believe home ownership is something to be proud of, compared to 77% of those born inside Canada.

Further, 84% of those born outside Canada view home ownership as an investment, compared to 81% of Canadian-born Ontarians.

OREA is calling on all Canadians to show their sense of pride leading up to Canada day this weekend.

“We’d love to see a Canadian flag or any other kind of Canadian symbol on every lawn, porch, deck, garage or window this Canada Day,” said Cardarelli. “We have so much to be proud of as Canadians, and this small gesture is a wonderful way to unite our communities and show our gratitude for this amazing country. I’ll personally be waving my Canadian flag on my front lawn.”

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