New roadblock for Treb trial against Competition Bureau

by Jennifer Paterson21 Sep 2015
The long-awaited trial between the Toronto Real Estate Board and the Competition Bureau over public access to home-sales data kicked off this morning – but a request by TREB has already stopped it in its tracks.
At the pre-hearing – which was scheduled to begin this morning, Sept. 21, and continue the week of October 5, 2015 – TREB requested that Chief Justice Crampton be removed as jurist.
According to the Globe and Mail, Justice Crampton was asked to remove himself from the hearing because of his involvement with a similar lawsuit more than a decade ago when he was a lawyer in private practice.
At this time, TREB has not filed any motion with the Tribunal on this topic, but its request was discussed at the pre-hearing, which took the place of the originally scheduled hearing.
The pre-hearing, held in Toronto, was adjourned for the day in order to allow TREB to review records related to its request. It will report the results of this review tomorrow morning.
No new schedule has been announced for the Tribunal to reconsider the Competition Bureau’s application against TREB. However, if TREB’s request is dismissed, it is expected that the Tribunal will continue to being re-hearing the application this week.

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