Online positioning a crucial factor in realtor success

by Ephraim Vecina11 May 2016
With the spring buying season in full swing, a U.S.-based professional offered several tips for realtors who are looking at greater success this year—especially when they plan to use online platforms to their fullest advantage.
In an analysis for Inman, Charlesgate Realty director of marketing Gregory Kiep said that real estate professionals need to pay particular attention to the presentation of their properties, as the posted pictures of these listings would affect their consumer appeal.
“It is no secret that more than 75 percent of buyers start their search online and, oftentimes, your photography goes a lot further than the description,” Kiep wrote. “Spend the time to make sure that yards are mowed, flowers are planted, lobbies are pristine and that everything looks its best before you take photos of your listing.”
Kiep also pointed at the central role that social interaction plays in marketing.
“These things tend to fall to the bottom of the list in the midst of contracts and negotiations,” he warned. “Sustain these activities so that your pipeline stays full and you are connecting with your sphere as often as possible.”
“In addition, hiring a marketing consultant to monitor and execute your efforts can be an invaluable asset,” the executive said.
Most importantly, professionals can leverage their access to information from their locality’s realtor associations to create high-value content for their clients, with the added benefit of increasing their industry credibility.
“Take advantage of market statistics that are typically delivered by your local board of Realtors to show changes in the marketplace in various cities and neighborhoods,” Kiep stated. “This is the perfect post for you to write for your site’s blog — your expert analysis of these changes, why they are happening and what you expect to see in the future.”

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