OREA's REALiTY 2020 conference: Not just for Ontario realtors

by Clayton Jarvis29 Jan 2020

From February 25-27 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the Ontario Real Estate Association will be hosting the 2020 installment of REALiTY, the annual gathering that OREA describes as “Canada’s most forward-thinking real estate conference”.

Although REALiTY 2020 is hosted in, and essentially by, Ontario, OREA CEO Tim Hudak says the event is a must for any realtor interested in the trends, tech and techniques that will shape the Canadian real estate industry.

“If you want to know that’s going to be happening in Canadian real estate over the next several years, this is the conference you need to go to,” Hudak says. “When we think of REALiTY, we want to make sure we confront the biggest issues that are going to be impacting on Canadian real estate. We want to be forward looking and feature speakers you have not seen on other Canadian real estate stages.”

There are some notable names among the 70-plus speakers scheduled to attend, including best-selling author and member of the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, Seth Godin; former FBI negotiator and CEO of Black Swan Group, Chris Voss; co-host of HGTV’s Masters of Flip, Kortney Wilson; and Molly Bloom, author of the popular memoir, and basis for the film of the same name, Molly’s Game.

In addition to professional development sessions and networking opportunities, Hudak says attendees will also have the chance to educate themselves about several new companies and technologies from south of the border that are slowly making their way into the Canadian market, including Compass, EXP Realty, Realogy, Home Services of America, and Purplebricks.

“A big part of our mandate is helping our members prepare for what’s coming down the road,” Hudak says, referencing the growing prominence of US-based i-buyer platforms, such as Zillow and Properly, two companies that will feature prominently at REALiTY. “That’s a significant part of some American markets. They’ll be expanding business in Canada, so finding out what that means to a realtor’s business will be an important benefit for those coming to the conference.”

For more information, including registration, visit https://realityconference.ca/

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