P.E.I. Realtor wooing foreign buyers

by John Tenpenny26 Oct 2015

One Realtor, who specializes in wooing foreign buyers, is promoting his province as the destination of choice for buyers looking to immigrate, something is says is good for his business and the local economy.

Greg Lipton, the owner of Blue Ocean Real Estate in Charlottetown, P.E.I., is headed to China after being invited to speak to 157 Chinese families ready to immigrate to Canada.

“They’ve already decided they want to move to Canada,” Lipton told CBC News. "We’re pitching P.E.I.”

Lipton, who says his company does 70 per cent of its business with people from China, sees the immigration as a boost to the province’s economy.

“We need some people that are going to generate more employment,” he said. “I think this is a great idea, I think it's perfect for us”

One P.E.I resident, Roland Liu, who used to live in China and will accompany Lipton on the trip as an interpreter said many of the Chinese people are looking to start a business, or buy an existing one.

He adds that the Chinese immigrants are also looking for a healthier environment and more space, things P.E.I. has in abundance.

“Many people live in small apartment or condo,” he said. “But here property is big and location is good and outside is beautiful, but the price is low.”

Lipton sees his job as explaining life in Canada’s smallest province.

“They want me to present a general picture of what P.E.I. is,” Liption said. “Settling on P.E.I., the different people you need to speak to, the cost of housing, cost of businesses, land.”

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