Part-timers fight back in REP forum

by Olivia D'Orazio09 Mar 2015
So-called part-timers are fighting back in the REP forum, arguing their services are just as good – or even better – than some full-time agents.
“I always thought real estate was a service industry – how many hours you spend doesn’t mean anything,” writes Narender Sehgal in the forum. “If a person can provide service at the convenience of client, keeping in mind the needs of the client or customer and the interest of the client, then how does it make a difference if that someone is a full-time or part-time agent?”
Indeed, that’s the point many part-timers are making in the forum. Their real estate businesses are successful – often based on repeats and referrals – and founded in open communication.
One anonymous commenter called Mike says he works hard to make sure his clients are satisfied, and informs them of his availability.
“By no means has it been easy,” he writes, adding that his work ethic has awarded him entry to the 100% Club for the last three years, “[but] I understand that I have to – by choice – work much harder to keep my clients happy and make myself available to answer their questions and fulfill my fiduciary duties.
“I am lucky that my first full-time job allows me the flexibility to make phone calls, answer emails and leave the office when I need to. I only take on clients that I know I can handle and understand my time limits as a ‘part-time’ agent.”
As Segal wrote, agents need to keep their clients top of mind – but not all agents can boast that level of service.
“I have met many full-time real estate agents who have no clue what are they doing,” he wrote, “so please, let’s not get into this full-time/part-time business.”

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