Poll Results: Agents should disclose part-time status

by REP24 Nov 2014
The results of a REP poll indicate the majority of industry players believe part-time agents should disclose their status to clients, a stark contrast to many comments in the REP forum.
Three quarters of poll respondents agreed that part-timers should be forced to tell their clients that they work a separate job to earn income, though many in the forum questioned what would qualify as full-time.
“What constitutes part-time? Would eight months full-time, with a break of four months be considered part-time?” asks Lee McDonald in the REP forum. “Full-time or part-time does not determine, in itself, how effectively a professional performs their job. Controls are in place to deal with complaints and issues that arise from poor performance, as there are in any association of professionals.”
However, representing the 25 per cent of poll respondents, many in the forum agree with McDonald that part-time agents aren’t, in and of themselves, bad agents. One anonymous commenter said clients should be less concerned about their agent holding another job, and more concerned with their level of service.
“What the client should be asking as a question is, ‘Will you pick up my call or attend my needs in buying or selling a house?’” writes that commenter in the forum. “If that agent can confidently say yes and provide you reference and genuine testimonial, then the part-time, full-time question is irrelevant.”
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