Profile: From teaching to real estate

by Justin da Rosa13 Jun 2016
The allure of entrepreneurship drew this one former teacher to the real estate industry. And he’s got a solid plan for developing a group of clients in the ultra-competitive Toronto market.

“There wasn’t really any apprehension for me; I never really shied away from getting involved in something whether it was difficult or easy. I think you just need to have a particular kind of mentality about getting into something that’s new,” Jamie Harnish, a sales representative with Bosley Real Estate, told REP. “I knew that there was a lot of competition, but I also feel that I’ve got a few qualities and characteristics that kind of makes me different from other agents.

“And so I thought I would be able to kind of use that to my advantage to be able to find business.”

That advantage was cultivated while working as a science and math teacher for a number of years.

Keen research skills and an affinity for working with numbers have helped when comparing properties and helping clients analyze affordability.

And the people skills developed as a teacher certainly haven’t hurt.

“You learn to work with people from all walks of life and various backgrounds when you’re in education, and it’s very similar in real estate,” Harnish said. “Some people, especially with me being new to this market, a lot of people you’re just meeting for the first time.

“And so you get to know each other, and you establish relationships—and that’s basically what happens at the beginning of every semester.”

Harnish has been an agent for a little over a year and, in a bid to develop a pool of clients, he has teamed up with a local mortgage broker to host first-time buyer seminars.

“This business is a lot about relationships, and when you get a chance to be in front of someone and talk to them, they get to hear what you’re about,” Harnish said. “They get a chance to come talk to you, ask you questions, listen to what it is that you have going on.”

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