Profile: Lindsay Strom of Royal LePage RCR Realty

by Ephraim Vecina20 Mar 2017
Aside from being a Royal LePage Diamond Award Winner, Lindsay R. Strom has been cited as one of REP Magazine’s “Top 30 Under 30” professionals in Canada for 2016. She has been working as a real estate professional for nearly 6 years now, although she has been involved in the industry for the past 14, including working at the front desk at Royal LePage.

How have your years in the industry shaped you as a person?

Being a Realtor has made me a more attentive listener and patient person. There is a lot of misconception that to be in real estate you have to love houses. We are in the business of servicing people, who are making exceptionally large purchases. Managing high emotions on the selling side and exciting emotions on the purchasing side, you really have to connect with your clients.

How would you describe your day-to-day work as a real estate professional? What are the kinds of buyers that you usually encounter in the line of duty?

Day-to-day always changes in the life of real estate! I always say that real estate is like a Winners Store: It could be an entirely new ballgame the next day! Most days are spent reviewing new inventory, seeing if anything is an appropriate match for current buyers, keeping upcoming sellers apprised of competition or any sales they should know of, and scheduling appointments, paperwork, and phone calls.

I am currently working with a wide range of buyers: First-time home buyers, those looking to upsize for their growing families, and downsizers who no longer need all the space of their family homes.

How do you keep your energy up in such a high-demand profession? How do you start and end each day?

It is so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle...both to keep your energy levels up and to maintain a positive attitude. I try to look at health as a 360-degree approach, mind and body. “Your body is the only place you have to live” and “You are your most important relationship” are some of my favourite quotes.

I start the day off reading daily inspirational quotes right when I wake up and going to the gym after dropping my son at daycare. I find this helps keep my energy levels up through the day and also starts the day off in a positive direction. I end each day with my family when I am home from work and am trying to write in my gratitude journal every evening before bed.

How does helping clients achieve their goals make you feel?

Helping clients get their dream home or achieve top dollar for their house is hands down the best feeling. Personally, I love spending time with my growing family at home. We spend so much time in our houses and it is important to love where you live. I take great pride in helping families into a house they can cultivate into a home – it makes your heart so full.

To date, which milestone are you most proud of?

Sales achievement awards are great, but they are not everything. I am the most proud of being a mom.

What would be your advice to younger real estate professionals who are looking to improve their craft?

Personalized service is everything. Clients never forget those added or special touches that set you apart. Do what you say you are going to do, because you are only as good as your word. I think just striving for excellence in everything you do, providing the level of service and commitment you would expect, along with a positive attitude…all would help make you unforgettable.

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