Profile: Melissa Charlton of Royal LePage Meadowtowne Realty

by Ephraim Vecina30 Jan 2017
A highly active player in the Milton, Ontario housing market, Melissa Charlton and her crack team of real estate professionals have qualified for Royal LePage Canada’s Chairman’s Club (a listing of the company’s top 1% performers in terms of sales) in 2011 and in every year since 2013. Colleagues have cited Charlton’s squad as a prime example of a team culture that encourages continuous professional development and industry achievement.
How long have you been in the industry?
It’s been a decade.
How would you describe your years in service?
Eventful. Lots of growth. And despite the changes to the market over that period, it’s been a good run overall.
Your team has seen a meteoric rise in the sales ranks, to the point that you have reached the top 1% bracket in Royal LePage across Canada. What does it take to cultivate that kind of team?
It’s really about focusing on our team members, focusing on their growth and making sure that we are setting them up for success. Most importantly, mentoring them and being there for them at every stage of their careers.
What form does “mentoring” take in your team?
The most important thing is sitting down with our agents—we call them partners—every year and asking them what they want to achieve and what their goals are. Also, sitting down with them every week and making sure that they are on track to achieve the things they want to achieve, both personally and professionally.
At the moment, what achievement of your team do you take the greatest pride in?
I would have to say, the way we have grown our business through repeat referrals. We helped over 94 families last year who were just repeat referrals, and this does not even include our other sources of getting business. That number really shows that we’re doing a fantastic job, and that my partners are delivering an exceptional experience for our clients.
In your view, what role does customer experience play in a real estate professional’s business?
It is everything. I think that consumers can sense the difference between a salesperson and a consultant, and I think it’s vital that we take the consultant approach (as opposed to just trying to sell homes to people). Developing lifelong relationships with clients assures them that we are really looking after their best interest.
What would be your professional advice to those who would like to emulate your path?
I think that you really have to care about the client first, and you have to be true to that in everything you do: in your ethics, in how you conduct your dealings with your clients. I think that’s a sure-fire way to grow your business.
Be a good person before anything else. Always remember that it’s not just about yourself as the leader; it’s also about your clients and your team.

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