Profile: Shayla Ackerman of Royal LePage Regina Real Estate

by Ephraim Vecina on 27 Feb 2017

As one of the brightest young stars in the Regina housing market, Shayla Ackerman of Royal LePage Regina Real Estate has garnered some of the company’s most elite citations (like the Director’s Platinum Award and the nationwide Top Tier Award) within just five years.

What has changed in the Regina market between the time you started and the present?

Some of the biggest changes I’ve noticed rely heavily on our use of technology. In 2013, online marketing and exposure was important but we were only scratching the surface. 2017 is primarily run by the internet for both buyers and sellers. For this reason, sellers need to take advantage of all available online exposure and make sure that their home is represented to the best of its ability.

In your view, how could industry professionals keep abreast of the latest tech developments?

Keeping up with the ever-changing technology in our business could actually be one of the hardest challenges for an agent. There is such a large age gap of the kind of people who work as real estate agents, that what challenges some is like a second language to others. Growing up in the generation where computers were used in everyday situations has allowed me to stay afloat when it comes to keeping current with the times. The only unfortunate part to the ever-evolving technology we are offered is we tend to lose the personal side of transactions and relationships we build with others but the truth is, life is busy!

Has there ever been a disconnect in the level of tech aptitude between you and a client?

Very few times in my career has there been a disconnect between a client and I that posed a problem in our process. That being said, there have been many times where a client has never seen what I show them. When I walk into someone's home who is not familiar with any of these, I always make sure to take extra time to explain or show them. Most times, my clients end up learning a lot, laughing through the process of figuring it out, and leave the experience with a new outlook on the topic.

What role would an agent play in an ever-changing digital landscape?

I am an independent agent who does not have the help of an assistant or team. This means that a lot of responsibility falls on me to preform just as good, if not better, than multiple minds working together. My role involves being the graphic designer, the marketer, the one to find new ideas, and of course the one who is (most importantly) your agent. I am not sure where I see my role evolving to, but what I can tell you is that it shows little signs of slowing down. An agent needs to be able to juggle more than you can imagine, all while making the time to care for your needs and make your process enjoyable.


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