Quebec FSBO gets its day in court

by Jamie Henry18 Dec 2014
Save the date: the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards will get its day in court on January 8, as its lawsuit against the country's largest for-sale-by-owner company comes to a head.
Earlier this month the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards announced its plans to sue DuProprio, a FSBO, for its misleading advertising, unfair competition and unenforceable guarantees, the board said.
“All we are seeking is for the court to order that misleading ads put up by DuProprio be withdrawn,” said lawyer Éric Vallières of the Montreal law firm McMillan, which is representing the QFREB. “We’re not saying they shouldn’t be in business. We’re just saying they shouldn’t run this ad campaign.”
Agents across the country applauded the Quebec board’s action, and called for their own boards to take similar steps.
“In Ontario, we need the regulator to step up and put their foot down on these frauds,” wrote one anonymous commenter in the REP forum. “Comfree has now registered a brokerage arm - far from commission free... Nothing wrong with FSBO companies, if they are held accountable to misleading and false information.”
However, DuProprio claims the lawsuit is more than a shot at its advertising campaigns. In a press release, the company said the QFREB’s lawsuit is “another attempt orchestrated by the real estate brokerage industry … to deprive consumers of the freedom to choose the service that best suits them when it comes to selling their property.”


  • by RealtorsCare 12/18/2014 10:16:58 AM

    Consumers already have the option to negotiate commissions and choose which services they want from their Realtor. One of the main things they want from their representative is honesty and integrity. Kudo's to the board for going after DuProprio for their false advertisements that border on slander.

  • by Glen 12/18/2014 10:28:43 AM

    I congratulate the QREB for their efforts to curb misleading advertising of services offered to the general public, it's about time some organization shows enough intestinal fortitude to bring this issue to a head.

  • by 12/18/2014 10:29:16 AM

    Who has the right to decide what's right for consumer except for the consumer themselves only AFTER they have been given correct and true information. I have been saying for years this is false advertising. Would we, as paying members to our real estate boards allowed to advertise the truth about FSBO's? I'm sure the first ad shining light on their faux pas would be hammered down by our competition board in a heart beat. Ridiculous!

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