Real estate agent ready to cash out

by John Tenpenny28 Sep 2015
Peterborough agent ready to throw his hat in the ring as site for casino sought.

One sales rep is trying turn his property into a winning hand, as the search for the site of a proposed casino continues in his community.

Mac Crossman, an agent, and Stephen Bowes, say their parcel of land on Highway 115 is perfect for a new casino, set to be built in the Peterborough area.

Ontario Gaming East LP, the successful bidder to operate gambling sites in the Peterborough and Belleville areas, said in a recent news report that it is prepared to spend nearly $50 million to renovate and develop a casino in the Peterborough area, although it is too early to identify where a facility will go.

“Because of its location, a new casino on the site can be built with full municipal services, and that’s really significant,” Richard Taylor, a local lawyer who is acting as spokesperson for the initiative, told Peterborough This Week.

The site is actually within Cavan Monaghan municipal boundaries but sits right across the road from water and sewer servicing pipelines to the Peterborough airport.

Taylor says with a collaborative agreement in place between the two municipalities, those services can easily be extended to a new casino, adding the Airport Road site could become a regional centre for tourism.

Area planner Bob Clark has conducted a report on the viability of the site, which concludes that with allowances for protection of environmentally-sensitive wetlands, the usable land on the 67-acre site can readily accommodate a proposed casino.

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