Real estate association raises concerns about continuing education program

by Justin da Rosa22 Feb 2017

The Ontario Real Estate Association has sent a letter to the Real Estate Council of Ontario, arguing the council’s ongoing education program lacks the necessary criteria to challenge agents and help them grow.

The entire letter has been published below, with permission from OREA.


Mike Cusano, Chair

Kate Murray, CEO

Real Estate Council of Ontario

West Tower, 3300 Bloor St W #1200,

Etobicoke, ON M8X 2X2

Dear Mike and Kate:

We are writing to share with you the widespread concerns that Ontario’s REALTORS® have expressed about the RECO Update and Continuing Education (CE) Program.

We continue to hear from our members, brokers and board leaders that they are dissatisfied with the RECO CE program. To be direct: standards have been severely watered down. In this regard, the CE Program does little to challenge our members and afford them the opportunity to learn and grow. This is the reason why so many in the profession now consider it a significant step backwards.

In its 2013 announcement about taking the CE program in-house, RECO cited flexibility, quality control and increased focus on consumer protection as the positive reasons for this initiative.  However, our members tell us that RECO’s CE program falls short of achieving this.   In addition, a large number of our members continue to be disappointed that they no longer have the option of attending these courses in person.   We believe strongly that there needs to be an in-class component where REALTORS® can interact with one another and learn from their colleagues.

Members feel strongly that the current CE program is not sufficiently challenging and much too easy to complete, which we believe contributes to the undermining of the profession as a whole.

We have heard from our members of many instances where individual members are not even completing these courses themselves as there currently exist no controls to verify the individual who is actually taking the course or writing the exam. This is deeply concerning and hugely problematic.

Our main concern is that RECO’s CE program is not assisting our members in the way that we feel it should.  The program is no longer geared to challenging and facilitating growth in our members and enhancing professionalism.

It has always been OREA’s goal to raise the bar on REALTOR® education and help members achieve greater professionalism.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss OREA’s ideas for improving the quality of CE in the province.

Our end goal should be a program that reflects RECO’s original vision of CE that truly benefits REALTORS®, the profession and ultimately the consumer.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Ferris                                                                            Tim Hudak

President, Ontario Real Estate Association                      CEO, Ontario Real Estate Association


  • by Gurcharan Singh 2/22/2017 10:54:00 AM

    I hope this is not a lobbying affect by boutique firms those who used to charge hefty amounts for CE packages. CE courses being offered have necessary checks & balances. One can not skip steps and claim completion.

  • by Lesley Moll 2/22/2017 11:08:35 AM

    I'm sure that the courses were a major source of revenue for OREA that they are now not receiving. There is a vested interested by OREA in a return to them running the courses.
    I would argue that, at least the RECO Update course, is no easier or harder then it was when OREA was administering it.
    Lesley Moll
    Broker of Record
    Karma Realty Inc.
    Real Estate Brokerage.

  • by 2/22/2017 11:21:13 AM

    I believe the courses are of value. I belong to a few real estate groups and have discovered that many realtors do not know the REBBA2002 code of ethics and rules that govern us.
    If OREA was to go through the tribunals where agents are fined there will be a common thread of misconduct. The online course should be geared toward the many outcomes and fines against realtors.
    Put back the questions and answers and a pass rate of 80% on each segment before you can move on to the next segment. This worked very well when we had the Mandatory on-line course.
    Teach to what we use mostly in our everyday real estate lives.

    I am also of the opinion that the real estate courses for newbies should emphasize more of the basics and REBBA2002.

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