Rich agent, poor agent

by Olivia D'Orazio24 Oct 2014

Alberta! Real estate professionals in Canada’s oil HQ earn an average of $56,972 in commission each year.

The second-best province for agent earnings is British Columbia, where agents bring in an average of $53,154.29 a year. Despite loads of competition (we’ll get into that on Monday), the province’s high average home price boosted earnings.

Rounding out the top three is Saskatchewan. Agents there earn an average of $52,930.80 in commissions each year.

4th – Ontario: $43,052.20
5th – Manitoba: $41,615.93
6th – Quebec: $31,107.16
7th – New Brunswick: $28,938.38
8th – Nova Scotia: $28,085.75
9th – Prince Edward Island: $24,269.10
* Data for Newfoundland & Labrador was unavailable at press time.

To get our numbers, we used CREA’s average home price and assumed a five per cent commission split between the buying and selling agents – largely seen as the national average. We then multiplied that by the average number of sales transactions the average agent in each province makes – details you can find at on Monday. But keep in mind that old 20/80 rule: a fifth of the agents do 80 per cent of the work. So, while we’ve endeavoured to bring you the most accurate information, our list averaged every agent’s earnings and activity – from part-timers to top-performers and everyone in between.

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  • by Mary Koenig 10/24/2014 6:13:40 PM

    I've been in the industry 16 years & this year was the worse year !! Doing every thing & more but no returnes .Just sharing

  • by Scott Simmons 10/25/2014 2:49:48 PM

    Hi Mary and any other agent having a hard time one book I would recommend is UnMarketing by Scott Stratten. It's an easy read and about half way through the book a light bulb will go off and one will think OMG I get it and stop tweeting about new listing or FB posting about new listing. Most agents have the tools but seem not to know how to use them. Get the book it will change the way you are doing business.

    Here is an example; lets just say an agent is a great cook and loves to cook. Then start to write about what makes a good kitchen. What makes a bad kitchen. Re brand yourself as the cooking Realtor. This would lead to so many blog post about where to find fresh food in your area, chefs you like, etc... It's about selling the sizzle not the steak. In this digital age one needs to carve out a market niche. If your marking revolves around being honest, trustworthy and being a good listener you have no marketing. I'm looking forward to the day I meet the Realtor who bills themselves as being dishonest, non trustworthy and a terrible listener. Presumably all Realtors are honest, trustworthy and good listeners. What makes you stand out from the crowd of 1000s.

    Cheers Scott Simmons on yes one of the few actual rainy days on Salt Spring. After a summer of sun a few days of rain are fantastic.

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