Royal LePage supports Alberta women’s shelter

by Ryan Smith06 Nov 2015
On Tuesday, real estate firm Royal LePage once again teamed up with the YWCA Harbour House in Lethbridge, Alberta, to raise funds for emergency shelter outreach services.

Since 1998, Royal LePage South Country’s efforts, including its annual Royal Gala, have raised more than $560,000 for the YWCA Harbour House Women’s Emergency Shelter and Outreach Services. Through fundraising at the gala, the shelter has been able to expand its services, YWCA CEO Kristine Cassie told the Lethbridge Herald.

“When they started raising the funds for us, I think that year we saw about 100 people through Outreach. Now we’re seeing nearly 3,000 or over 3,000 because they’ve been able to help bolster both in getting staff in the door and the amount of awareness that comes with that,” Cassie said. “Really, the funds are used to our bottom line with our domestic violence services to be able to do the delivery of what’s needed in our community.”

The Harbour House program helps victims of domestic violence, as well as women and children who are identified as at risk for domestic violence, according to the Herald. In Canada, more than 50% of women will experience violence at some point in their lives – the majority before they turn 25.

Royal LePage’s fundraising support helps Harbour House get its outreach sources to more women and children in need, Cassie told the Herald.

“The funds help them mobilize within the community so they can meet with people one-on-one, hold victim awareness sessions, provide training and all those types of things that we can do to help mitigate risk in a different way,” she said.

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