Sales activity, base prices might be relatively muted this year

by Ephraim Vecina on 07 Jan 2019

The B-20 regulations introduced in early 2018 are highly likely to continue making themselves felt well into this year, according to a recent analysis by real estate portal Zoocasa.

The impact will be especially apparent in both sales activity and base prices, with the CREA predicting overall Canadian sales to decline by another 0.5% in 2019 after an 11.2% drop last year (down to 458,200 transactions), and average prices to minutely grow by just 1.7% (up to $496,800).

Calgary, Newfoundland, Ontario, and British Columbia are predicted to bear the greatest strain. As with their plight last year, millennials should brace themselves for the worst effects of the stress tests.

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“The days of everyone being able to have a white picket fence and a detached house of their own are rapidly receding,” Vancouver Real Estate Board president Don McClintock told the Financial Post.

“Young people have to be prepared to live in townhouses and duplexes, and maybe even condominiums. We’re going to have to change our expectations to meet the new budget.”

A slowdown in the number of new mortgages, which was already well underway last year, is almost certain to continue in 2019. The CMHC’s Q2 report noted that new mortgage volume in 2018 shrunk by 11.9% on an annual basis, down to 205,000.


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