Selling homes in the digital age

by Jamie Henry13 Nov 2014
There is always someone shouting about ‘the next big thing’ in technology but ignore the hype. There are really six basic marketing tools that every agent must have a handle on.
As the Internet continues to change the way people buy homes, it is increasingly important for agents to delve further into all things technology. The backbone to all, though, is still a website.
“It’s vitally important,” Carl Langschmidt, owner of and, tells REP. “I’ve tried all the other ways of marketing… a website keeps working for you 24 hours a day.”
But that doesn’t mean your website should be doing all the work. Here are some keys ways you can help the Internet help you.
Photos: Photos are more important than ever. Most buyers will dismiss a property based solely on the pictures they see online. That means you need to pay special attention to the quality of the photos you post on the MLS and on other online forums.
Video: While still not as common as photos, video is becoming more popular as a marketing tool. Listing videos don’t need to be elaborate, but they should be clean and professional.
Virtual Tours: Many homebuyers like being able to see every corner of the property, even those that photos and videos may leave out. Virtual tours enable online visitors to take a private viewing without leaving their couch.
Social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great ways to spread virtual word-of-mouth information about your listing. You can also be a little more informal on social media, which means you can get to the nitty-gritty of the home’s best qualities.
Mobile: More than half of Internet searches are done on a mobile device. That means that your site – and your listings – must be easily accessible for mobile users.
Print material: Despite our reliance on everything digital, potential buyers will want to take away a physical fact sheet. Have printed material available, with a few high quality photos and important information about the property.

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