Sleeping on the job: the latest marketing craze?

by Olivia D'Orazio02 Apr 2015
Believe it or not, many parts of the country still face a buyers’ market where listing agents are increasingly going to extreme lengths to get a sale done – but the latest trend might be going a little far.
“I’m not sure who, as a buyer, would want to do that in someone else’s house,” says James Higgs, an agent in Halifax. “I think it would be hard to get the seller to agree to it.”
Higgs is talking about potential buyers who want to spend the night in property before deciding whether or not to submit an offer. While not so common in Canada, the trend has emerged in some parts of the United States, particularly among foreigners looking for a summer home. That, Higgs says, is the only property type for which he could see this type of marketing plan working.
“Maybe specific circumstances, where you had more of a vacation property, to make the buyer feel that they could live there,” he says. “But I think as a single family home it would be a little harder to achieve.”
Similarly, spending the night at a listing might be beneficial to foreigners who are only in the country for a short period of time.
“If someone was coming in from out of the country, to have someone say you can sleep in the lakefront home they’re looking to purchase, that could be beneficial,” Higgs says. “I think in the right circumstances for the property, and more for vacation properties, it might be more of a success. I can only see that being the only option.”

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