Social media mistakes to avoid

by Ephraim Vecina15 Aug 2016
While social media has proven to be a valuable channel for real estate industry players to provide their insights and expertise, many of these professionals remain unaware of the central role that followers and user engagement play in increasing their exposure.
In an August 10 post on his website, digital marketing specialist Jason Fox outlined some of the pitfalls that unsuspecting real estate professionals might fall into:
Hawking one’s own wares too much might actually turn off potential clients instead, Fox warned.
“Pareto’s Principle of 80/20 is applicable. For a marketing context, this means 80 percent of your content is not promotional,” he wrote. “Instead, it simply engages your audience, gets them talking and commenting, and gets your name out.”
“You want to offer information of value to readers, or at least post something interesting, rather than promoting your newest listing repeatedly.”
Delayed interaction 
“Interact with your clients in real time,” Fox said.
“Set aside an hour on, say, Wednesdays, announce to your followers you are available, and use a hashtag to easily find questions aimed at you.”
Wrong timing 
“Unsurprisingly, more people are on social media when they are home than when at work,” Fox said, citing the findings of social media analyst Neil Patel.
“For all industries, near the end of the week is the best time to post to Facebook.”
Diffuse messaging 
While it might be tempting to broadcast from every social media platform available, Fox said that doing so might take much-needed time away from other more important tasks.
“Narrow your audience, rather than trying to cast far too wide of a net and only picking up a few followers here and there,” Fox advised.

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