Sold data breaches infuriate agents

by Olivia D'Orazio01 May 2015
Agents who are illegally releasing MLS sold data are doing the industry a disservice, say real estate veterans, arguing the move is nothing but self-serving.
“Agents who think they can drum up business by breaking the rules are desperate, unprofessional and incapable of getting business any other way,” writes one irate agent commenting on the REP forum.
That agent, like many others following the online debate, points to the proprietary nature of sold data, as well as the risk that web browsers will misinterpret the information without a real estate professional to put it in context.
But Rod Doris, an agent in Toronto, tells REP the crux of the issue is that these agents are flouting the rules for their own financial gain.
“If (the sold data) is being used for the financial gain of the individual, then I’m definitely against it,” he says. “I can’t see why a professional in our industry, who knows how the MLS was made, wants to give this to public as a means of gaining leads.”
Doris joins the chorus of agents who say the MLS data is propriety in nature since agent-paid board fees are used to gather, organize and maintain the data. Taking that information and using it strictly for one’s personal financial gain is what gets his goat.
Still, the sentiment among agents in the forum is that data breach will not affect their own businesses.
“There is a place for every (brokerage) model in this industry,” he says. “It differentiates the boys from the men.”

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