Stampede to impact real estate?

by Jordan Maxwell08 Jul 2015
The annual Calgary Stampede has seen many Calgarians trade in their for sale signs for cowboy hats over the last several years as activity typically slows down, but this year is proving different for some agents.

“I think in year’s past, activity has certainly slowed down during the Stampede but this year is a little different because of the economic activity we’ve seen this year,” Claire Fraser, a real estate agent with Re/Max Mountain View Ltd., in Calgary, who’s been a real estate agent there for more than 15 years and has 25 years of overall experience.'

“We had a really tough first quarter but things have improved in the second quarter and sales have been steady for us so unlike in years past, I can’t say that activity has slowed down.”

The agent’s comments follow celebrations for the 10-day period of the Calgary Stampede, which has typically slowed down activity for buyers, leaving many sellers waiting in the wings.

For Fraser, the 10-day period is drawing an influx of people coming from other Albertan cities like Edmonton, which is helping to keep things busy.

In an article for 660 News, John Mayberry, with CIR Realty and, is another realtor with experience who has noticed a significant slowdown in activity during the Stampede period over his more than 10-years in the business and admitted the slowdown can significantly help those looking for a home.

“For buyers, this is a great time to get out and look around. A lot of people take the week off while everyone is down at the Stampede grounds, so why not take advantage of the low activity?”

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