Strategies to Predictably, Reliably Grow Your Real Estate Business

by REP on 21 May 2021

Real Estate Masters Summit Offers Expert Insight

The virtual summit begins on June 1st and lasts until June 7th and is ideal for both potential or existing investors and business owners!

The week-long real estate summit will provide investors with the opportunity to learn about how to take advantage of red-hot markets and make the most out of their investment properties.

The Real Estate Masters Summit will feature seminars, discussions and Q&A sessions with 42 real estate, marketing and business leaders from across the globe to allow attendees the chance to gain expert insight and use it to make practical changes that will improve their lives!

The free event runs from June 1st to June 7th, but act fast! There is limited availability, so attendees should secure their tickets today!

The summit is geared toward business owners looking to capitalize on real estate investment opportunities and boost business through innovative growth strategies.

Speakers include Fortune 500 consultant Tristan Ahumada, real estate investor and co-founder of Avestor Inc. Badri Malynur, realtor Avery Carl with $158MM in sales in 2020 and author of 'Building a StoryBrand' & 'Marketing Made Simple', Donald Miller. 

Throughout the week-long summit, speakers will get the opportunity to share their wealth of knowledge with attendees and answer burning questions related to real estate investment and business growth. 

The summit will be hosted by Emmy Award-Winning actor, Tony Potts, pro wrestler and investor, Barri Griffiths, former olympian, Sunitha Rao, and Emmy Award-Winning producer, Chris De Celle. Each host has their own unique background in real estate investment and real estate entrepreneurship to engage with attendees and speakers.

There is a wide range of seminar and discussion topics for anyone looking to dramatically expand their real estate business or any newcomers looking to break into global markets. The speaker topics will include some of the following:

  • Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen: How the Power of Story Can Grow Your Business by Don Miller

  • The Simplified Guide to Protecting Your Assets by Kevin L Day

  • The One Social Media Strategy To Conquer Them All by Tristan Ahumada

  • Failure Is Not An Option: Bulldozing Obstacles With Smart Strategies by Sam Khorramian

  • How to get the Best Deals on Personal Homes & Investment Properties by David Greene of Bigger Pockets

  • And many more! 

The summit aims to help new and long-time investors avoid the mistakes of industry leaders while providing them with tools to help them find their niche, generate leads and increase profit through unique business strategies that lead to industry advancement and success. 

The free 7-day summit will provide attendees with insider advice on how to navigate real estate investments and climb the ladder of success in one of the most ambitious and lucrative industries on the planet! 

Get your FREE tickets for the Real Estate Masters Summit can find them here. Act fast while they’re still available!

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