Tech to bridge the full-time/part-time gap

by Olivia D'Orazio23 Mar 2015
Technology has undoubtedly changed the way agents handle their real estate businesses, but some sales reps argue it’s also making it easier for part-timers to run an effective and successful business.
“With today's technology, nobody is ever truly unavailable,” writes on anonymous Waterloo, Ont.-based agent in the REP forum. “I could talk to my client, or text or email, just as easily if I am at my kids’ hockey game, or driving a car or taxi. I have a secretary booking showings, auto drip campaigns, feedback systems, and prospecting systems. Work smarter not longer and enjoy your free time, either at the beach or working at Subway.”
Indeed, the common use of smartphones helps agents stay connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week – even during typical working hours. That helps part-time agents juggle working a nine-to-five job with the duties associated with being a real estate professional.
“Technology enables us to be able to do our research from anywhere,” writes another agent named Deb, pointing to the various other roles many agents embody.
“What about Realtors that volunteer in our community, are they not considered "part time" as they are not always available? How many Realtors have families? As a mother I know that there are times when I am not giving 100 per cent to my business, does that make me part time? How many Realtors will be on the golf course in the upcoming weeks, definitely not available to service their clients’ needs?”
However, the forum also hosted a good deal of pushback against that theory. One agent named John, for instance, emphasized the personal aspect of real estate.
“Call it a generalization but if you cannot be physically available you are a virtual salesperson,” he wrote. “The essence of sales in this business will never change. You cannot replace a face-to-face meeting. Half of the battle is psychological. If you can't be there to tend to the list and the psychological needs of your client you are doing it wrong. Technology will never replace human interaction.”
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