The dos and don’ts of real estate photography

by Olivia D'Orazio05 Nov 2014
Clean the house
While this is not necessarily a photography tip, it’s important that the home is cleaned and de-cluttered before a single listing photo is taken.
“Make sure the house is clean,” Saffar says. “Everything is in its place and there is no extra stuff or pets around.”
There are certain areas of the home that tend to have a perpetual mess – the kitchen, the living room and the family room, for example. Be sure that those spaces are especially clean and tidy.
“If there is a messy place,” Bugeage says, “you try to avoid that.”
Sell the experience
One thing that professional photographers are able to do is create an experience in a photo, forcing buyers to imagine themselves in their new home.
“People see the picture and want to picture themselves there,” Saffar says. “[Agents who] are selling an experience are more successful.”

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