The enterprising agent’s guide to leveraging Pinterest

by Ephraim Vecina18 Nov 2016
Among the competing social media platforms existing today, Pinterest is one that is sorely misunderstood and misused by real estate agents, according to New York real estate agent Kyle Hiscock.
Much of the industry thinks that “Pinterest isn’t a social media network that is going to generate dozens of buyer and seller leads so real estate professionals assume that it’s a big waste of time,” Hiscock said.
The confusion stems from a simple lack of awareness of what type of audience Pinterest—which has approximately 150 million active users monthly, 67 per cent of which are millennials—reaches out to.
“93% of active Pinterest users say they use Pinterest to plan for purchases with 87% actually purchasing something because of Pinterest,” Hiscock explained. “18% of Pinterest users have an average yearly income of $75,000 or greater.”
Effective use of Pinterest hinges on the generous use of graphics to accompany content.
“Graphics that are poor designed or easily forgettable will result in poor results and a quick exit from Pinterest,” Hiscock said. “It’s vital to your success on Pinterest in real estate that you create at least 2-3 memorable graphics that relate to the topic you’re writing about.”
Agents need to be mindful of the legal limitations surrounding certain images, however, and should strive to use free graphics as much as possible.
“If you don’t have the rights to use a graphic, you’re opening yourself up to potential legal problems.”
Another unique feature of Pinterest is that agents can actually position themselves as experts in their respective localities.
“As you’re building your Pinterest presence, you need to make sure you’ve created local boards,” Hiscock stated. “Your local boards shouldn’t only be filled with your greatest and latest listing.  These local boards should provide people who are interested in learning about your communities some helpful information.”
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