The right car for the right market

by Olivia D'Orazio12 Nov 2014
Agents aiming for the luxury market are increasingly turning to expensive cars to prove their worth to high-end clients, but does your car really determine your demographic?
“It all depends upon who your clients are,” writes Harjit Pabla in the REP forum. “When I work with a rich, a well-to-do client/customer, I drive [a] Lexus [and] dress expensive-casual. When the client is a first-time buyer, inexperienced, majority of times, it doesn't matter what you drive or wear, as long as you can actually help them make a right decision, take care of them without thinking what is there for you.”
Other industry players commenting in the REP forum agree, claiming a car is the start of a client’s first impression. The kind of car you drive, therefore, will attract a certain kind of client. For example, buyers looking for a mountain-side property will likely be impressed by an agent who drives an SUV.
“As a rural real estate agent on a rocky isolated west coast island I drive a new Subaru because it's the only car that will get me up the abandon logging road, through creeks, over tide marshes, down beaches and even an occasional trip to a city,” writes Scott Simmons, an agent on Salt Spring Island, B.C.
That terrain-appropriate car also represents the agent’s knowledge about the area. Similarly, an agent specializing in a luxury market looks like they “fit” in the demographic of the neighbourhood if they drive an expensive car.
“But beware – a nice car does not a great agent make,” writes an anonymous commenter. “So many new agents go straight into hock on a leased car – but if you don't deliver high-quality service and work hard to pay your dues – you may as well be riding a bicycle! Clients see right through the glitz!”

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