The right way to market listing photos

by Jamie Henry30 Dec 2014
With ever-shrinking inventories and increasingly desperate buyers, it’s becoming more important for agents to market listing photos to the right buyer.
Families and flippers notice different things when searching for a property, and it’s imperative that you post photos that will further entice either families or flippers.
The Family
Most families are looking for a move-in ready house that they can make a home. Photos should be inviting and should display the unique features of the home. Photograph each of the bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces, and make sure there’s lots of natural light. Highlight any upgrades and make sure to show that the house is fully finished.
You may even want to hire a staging company to bring in furniture and accessories, and a professional photographer who will be able capture the positive mood that you’re aiming to achieve.
The Fixer
The fixer, however, is looking at the more technical aspects of the home. Show these buyers why the property would make a good flip. Take detailed photos of both the exterior and the interior, paying special attention to anything that has been repaired or that will need a repair.
Remember, a fixer is less interested in sun-soaked living rooms. They want to know how much work needs to go into the property in order for it to become a family’s dream home.

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