The secret to partnering with condo developers

by Olivia D'Orazio on 17 Apr 2015
As residential construction starts rise in many of Canada’s urban areas, pre-build condo deals promise to make up a growing part of your business. But how does an agent win partnerships with condo developers that give them ground-floor access to those projects and the investors clamouring to buy large tracts of units.
Becoming the go-to salesperson, according to two experts in those partnerships, comes down to two things:
1 – Work hard
Even before pursuing exclusive deals with developers, it’s important to have an established reputation as a customer service-orientated professional. You’ve got to hit the ground running.
“(When) developers and other agents see you’re working hard, they want you to be part of their team,” says Savanna Lemieux-Ellement, a sales rep in Winnipeg.
Zia Abbas, an agent in Toronto, agrees: Hard work is key, especially in the early stages of a relationship with a developer.
“As your numbers rise, your relationship with the builder will get stronger,” Abbas says. “Then for any upcoming projects, it will be easier to have those sales.”
2 – Network
It’s crucial agents network and build relationships with several developers in your region, Lemieux-Ellement says. Forging those links wins the agent access to sales opportunities before his or her competitors even know about a planned project.
“In order to be a successful agent in the preconstruction market, it’s important to have access to the project in the initial stages,” he says. “You don’t reach that overnight, you will eventually, but you have to work hard.”

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