Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy Brings Classic Wealth Book to the Big Screen

by Corbent Grant on 07 Jan 2022

Since the publication of the original Think and Grow Rich in 1937, thousands of eager readers have taken Napoleon Hill’s lessons to heart and used them to grow rich. In the process, the work became one of the most famous and influential self-help books of the 20th century. Now a movie based on the work sets out to prove that the book’s legacy is just as powerful now as ever.

Think and Grow Rich was originally compiled as the result of 20 years of study by Napoleon Hill. The author examined the lives and practices of wealthy and successful people in order to reveal their secrets to success and pass on some of their knowledge to his readers. In his work, he distills the lessons he learned from successful entrepreneurs into 13 key principles central to attaining wealth.

Hill found, upon publication, that there was no shortage of people eager to hear his message. The book became an instant classic in the genre and has since sold over 120 million copies worldwide and translated into over 100 languages. Even in the modern era, many still cite the work as highly applicable to the world of wealth and claim great success using what they have learned from the book.

Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy does not seek to replace the book it’s based on. Rather, it uses the visual medium of film to supplement the original lessons from the book and present them in a fresh way for a modern audience. The film is presented as part documentary and part dramatization, bringing to life many of the stories and lessons of Hill’s Original book in an eye-catching theatrical production, as well as chronicling the book’s global impact and enduring legacy. The film features big-name cast members like Grant Cardone, Barbara Corcoran, Darren Hardy, and Lewis Howes who share their knowledge with the audience between the film’s dramatic vignettes.

On January 14, 2022, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy will be hosting a showing of the film via live stream.The stream is hosted by executive producer John C. Shin and will feature an exclusive special Q&A session with film director Scott Cervine after the movie. Head over to their website now to reserve your free ticket and learn more about the film!

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