Toronto cop shares 10 safety tips

by Olivia D'Orazio19 Jan 2015
5 – Stay back
This is another tip that most agents already do, but Reid recommends for agents to walk behind their clients when showing a property.
“If you’re showing it to a potential client, let them walk in front of you, so you have your eyes on them at all times,” he says. “If the room has a door that closes, don’t enter it. Let the client go in and you stay at the door.”
6 – What you wear
Agents are quite particular about their image – it’s that is undoubtedly important – but Reid suggests leaving the ultra-expensive wardrobe pieces at home.
“The jewellery that you’re wearing, try not to wear expensive items,” he says. “And wear comfortable shoes, so if you need to leave in an emergency or need to run, you can. It’s harder to do that in high heels.”
7 – Be vigilant
Keep your office in the loop, Reid suggests. Let them know your schedule for the day so, in the case of an emergency, they know where you are.
“Let the office know what your schedule is for the day: who you’re meeting, where you’re meeting them,” Reid says. “Let the office know what time you’ll call them when you’re finished, and let the person you’re meeting know that you told your office.”
8 – The information on your business cards
Agents are on-call 24/7, but Reid says you still should think twice about the information you share on your business cards.
“With business cards, only have your office phone number and office address on there,” he says, “especially if you operate out of your home.”
9 – Hang up your chauffeur’s cap
In the interest of avoiding situations in which an agent may find him or herself trapped, Reid says agents should consider erasing “taxi driver” from their resumes.
“If you are taking a client to a listing, let them take their own vehicle and you can remain in your vehicle,” he says.
10 – Log visitors
Finally, be sure to keep a detailed record of who enters any open house you’re working.
“At an open house, have a good log,” Reid says. “Take down [visitors’] personal information and take note of the vehicle they’re driving.

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