Toronto’s future showcased

by Neil Sharma26 Jun 2019

While there’s no actual crystal ball involved, Torontonians will have a week to look into the future.

Toronto of the Future, a biannual event, kicked off this week at the Metro Centre as an assemblage of the city’s preeminent real estate developers, architecture firms and government agencies are showcasing everything from 3D models to illustrations, visual presentations and more.

According to Robert J. Vezina, president of Cities of the Future Management, the event is an opportunity for attendees to understand how their city—the fastest growing in North America—is slated to develop in the years ahead.

“The event will feature projects under construction, planned for construction, and proposed projects,” said Vezina. “It’s a unique event because there’s absolutely no parallel to it. Nobody else does what we do, which is assemble in one place companies that, for all intents and purposes, are competitors, but at Toronto of the Future they’ll be working in tandem to put their city on display. We convinced them all to come together to share information about the city’s future and they’ll do so through big presentations.”

Toronto of the Future, a free event, is being put on in collaboration with the City of Toronto, whose Chief Planner Gregg Lintern was in attendance at the kick-off party and spoke about Toronto’s commitment to building liveable communities.

“We have a very clear success record in this city around building liveable communities and we have to stay the course on that and build complete communities,” he said. “That’s all at the centre of this conversation—when we build, when we intensify our communities, when we build infrastructure, when we build housing and new mobility in the city—let’s also consider how we’re enhancing equity and building inclusively for people who live here, but also for people who don’t live here yet.”


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