Treat agent safety like a blind date

by REP17 Nov 2014
A potentially dangerous scam targeting female agents in Toronto’s Etobicoke neighbourhood appears not to be unique to the city, after a commenter in the REP forum uncovered a similar case occurring in British Columbia.

“[That is] another reason I am, probably not popularly, against agent photographs on signs,” that commenter wrote. “I realize there are other ways of finding agents' photographs (online, realty paper) but the sign seems too easy. And, yes, I am a female agent.”

One commenter likened agent showings to blind dates, adding the safety considerations in that situation should pass into the real estate profession.

A second anonymous commenter suggested pre-screening at the real estate office, so as to avoid being left alone in a vacant home with a stranger.

“Even from a business perspective, I think it's good practice to meet a potential buyer in the office first: to qualify them, get to know their needs, sign a buyer representation agreement, if applicable, etc,” the commenter wrote in the REP forum. “I find that in many instances, the buyer may already have an agent, are just trying to gage the value of their own home, or just casually shopping. When we add the safety issue, it just makes sense for us as agents to not just rush to show a home to every random, unqualified caller.”

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