TREB appealing decision

by Justin da Rosa13 Jun 2016
The Toronto Real Estate Board has been mum since the decision was passed by the Competition Tribunal, which will require it to open up its sales data, but that is because the matter is still before the courts.

“The Toronto Real Estate Board has filed a Notice of Appeal in response to the Competition Tribunal's recent order decision in the matter of Competition Bureau vs. TREB,” John DiMichele, Toronto Real Estate Board CEO, told REP via email. “TREB is in receipt of the Tribunal's order and is examining the decision with its legal counsel prior to making any public comments as the matter is still before the courts.”

Last week, the Competition Tribunal ordered the Toronto Real Estate Board to open its data up to the public.

The news was announced by the Competition Bureau, which obviously viewed the ruling as a victory.

"I welcome today’s order by the Competition Tribunal requiring the Toronto Real Estate Board to permit member agents to use and display critical data on virtual office websites,” John Pecman, commissioner of competition, said. “The Bureau remains focused on ensuring that consumers benefit from innovation and competition in the provision of real estate services."

An order issued by the Competition Tribunal will require TREB to remove restrictions on sold data that its agents have access to.

However, it appears the saga is far from over; and TREB has decided not to take the decision lying down.


  • by Larue 6/13/2016 10:39:37 AM

    Years back when talk of this started - I was at my usual Saturday morning soccer game for the kids... on the sideline with the other parents. I took the opportunity to ask some parents (homeowners) how they would feel about the information regarding their home purchase or sale being made public prior to the sale completing.... The feedback was consistent - NO. I think it is important that we keep the clients wishes in mind with this discussion.

  • by 6/13/2016 10:52:40 AM

    Seems as though the privacy act means nothing to the Competition Bureau, it's not an issue of Treb withholding the info, it falls under the Privacy Act protecting individual s.

  • by Martin 6/13/2016 11:20:10 AM

    The Privacy Act should overrule the competition bureau... This is very private data and has far reaching effects than just allowing a FSBO to have comparables.

    Further, it is important to note that information in untrained hands can lead to other problems. As a trained professional we are qualified to interpret the information, this comes with training and experience, something the average home Seller/Buyer can't possibly have when they only Buy and Sell a few times in their lives.

    Most of the FSBO homes I come across are either too high in price, too low in price or they are trying to hide a problem with the home. What a Buyer often doesn't understand and the FSBO companies don't want the Buyer to know is that if a person is selling without an agent and buyer is buying without an agent why would you pay full price, a Buyer should negotiate the amount of commission off the asking price.

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