TREB to provide feedback on ruling

by Justin da Rosa09 May 2016
The Competition Tribunal’s ruling in favour of the Commissioner of Competition in its abuse of dominance case against the Toronto Real Estate Board may not be the nail in the coffin many intially had thought.

"TREB has been advised by its legal counsel that they have received a lengthy confidential document containing the Competition Tribunal's decision in the matter of TREB vs. Competition Bureau,” John DiMichele, CEO of the Toronto Real Estate Board, told REP via email. “At this time we understand that no order has been issued and that the Tribunal has only partially granted the Bureau’s Application. 

“The Tribunal has also asked that both parties provide input to remedies.”

In May 2011, the Commissioner opened the drawn-out war by filing an application with the Tribunal that claimed TREB was being anti-competitive by imposing restrictions that prevent Realtors from posting certain information from the MLS on their personal websites, REP reported in July 2014.

The Tribunal has not yet released its reasoning for siding with the Commissioner.

Some have speculated that the ruling may force TREB to make its sold data public, or potentially face repercussions, but with TREB able to provide its own “remedies” to the situation, that is far from a guarantee at this point.


  • by 5/9/2016 11:57:42 AM

    It is only a matter of time. The whole industry will and should be deregulated !

  • by Gary Little 5/9/2016 12:13:30 PM

    This case is so bizarre. Is it regular practice to ask the defendant/accused to propose a remedy? Will TREB's response be something like "... while admitting absolutely no wrongdoing, TREB today recommended that it be drawn & quartered, forced to watch CREA's 'biker gang' ad 38 times in a row, pay a fine of one gajillion dollars, and promise to never ever do it again."? CB's response is "... OK, we're good with that."

  • by John 5/9/2016 12:19:06 PM

    I still don't understand how a website like TREB is obligated to provide statistics to the public who do not pay for the site. It is an organization supported and paid for by Realtors. It defies "free enterprise" when the Competition Bureau insists that we provide levels of service and disclosures on information.. In fact it is the Sellers that contribute to the website by listing their properties. Maybe they should be consulted before their private information is disclosed, not TREB. (i.e. another box to tick on the listing documents similar to "Seller wants/does not want other Agents to contact them after listing expires". I suspect if they surveyed Sellers the majority would not want their information readily available.

    If the public wants this information, let them have it! But let them pay for it as well. Why should they get a free ride?

    The 21st century has created a bunch of whiners and individuals that feel they are entitled.

    Nothing is for free in this world and it is about time someone investigated the Competition Bureau and the real underlying reason they are on this hunt.

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