Trump: Fashion and real estate share ‘surprising’ similarities

by Ryan Smith09 Nov 2015
What do Vancouver real estate, handbags and the U.S. presidential race have in common? The name Trump, of course.

No, The Donald isn’t flogging handbags. But his daughter, Ivanka, is splitting her time between both the fashion world and the real estate business.

Trump, 33, was in Vancouver last week to check up on the progress of Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver, slated for to open for business in 2016.

“That project is so special,” Trump told the Vancouver Sun. “We are ahead of schedule, which is always amazing. And we are one unit away from being 100% sold out on the condominiums, which achieved the highest price per square foot the market has ever seen.”

In addition to running development and acquisitions for the Trump Organization, Trump oversees the branding and aesthetic for the company’s real estate holdings. She told the Sun that she saw buyers’ eagerness to snap up units in the new building as a hopeful sign for the company’s Canadian holdings.

“I think that is a really great validation of the building, the amenities, the location and the brand,” she said.

Trump doesn’t just work for her father’s real estate company; she also oversees her own brand – a line of apparel and accessories for working women. And according to her, there’s a lot of similarity between fashion and real estate.

“There is actually a surprising amount of synergy and similarities between the business I’m building in the fashion world and the work that I’m doing in the real estate space,” Trump told the Sun. “It’s about execution and attention to detail. They are both highly competitive industries and there is a big focus on brand and authenticity.”

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