Unification called for across the country

by Justin da Rosa03 Jun 2016
Talks of a real estate board merger in B.C. have riled agents in other markets, who argue their own boards should amalgamate.

“I know this issue has been risen before in Ontario, but we need to keep it going; we, as Realtors, are licenced provincially to transact real estate and therefore should be able to access all information,” Teresa Pamatat, an Ontario-based agent with RE/MAX Realty Enterprises, wrote in an email to REP. “It is becoming more and more time consuming and frustrating. Not to mention buyers missing out due to a property being missed by not showing up on a particular board.”

A recent REP poll found that agents outside British Columbia voted heavily in favour of unification, with 81% of participants saying they would vote for it.

The conversation was sparked by the potential unification of British Columbia’s real estate boards, which is tentatively scheduled for June 28.

And Pamatat’s reason for wanting unified boards – the opening up of transaction information across the province – is one shared by many agents.

“All of the data would come out of one feed; all the data for the entire province will be available on one system and right now it’s spread out over 12 boards,” Scott Simmons, an agent in British Columbia, recently told REP. said. “It’ll give us freedom to move around; the problem now is getting all the data. We can do it now but there are a lot of hoops to jump through.”

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