Upping the ante for education in the industry

by Justin da Rosa on 28 Nov 2016
A new partnership aims to arm agents with the foremost in real estate education.

The industry may now have its new standard for advanced education, following the joint initiative between the Nature of Real Estate (NoRE) and the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC), which aligns the educational certifications of the two organizations.

“The message we want to get out there (is that) … the future of the industry lies in the level of professionalism in the agents,” Suze Cumming, founder of the Nature of Real Estate, told REP. “If we don’t raise the level of professionalism, it’s going to really hurt the people who buy and sell real estate, which also will hurt the industry.

“The motivation for us in this partnership is pretty strong. We’re pretty passionate about really raising the bar.”

The NoRE focuses on negotiation tactics, specifically cross-culture communication and cross-generational, communication through various mediums; REIC prides itself on offering the most robust ethics training in the industry.

“We can grow the number of people that enter that level of education. My people now have an option to join the fellowship and get really great training in ethics,” Cumming said. “Gareth’s people from REC now have the opportunity to get really high level education on negotiation. Both those things are critical for being able to protect the consumer better.”

The hope is that with taking both courses, agents will be armed with the highest level of professional education the industry currently offers.

“Giving the people that take these designations two-fold, so they can have a designation in negotiation and also the FRI designation, which is probably the most senior designation available to real estate practitioners anywhere in Canada,” Gareth Jones, vice president, corporate development for REIC, said.

According to Cumming, there is a growing desire among agents to receive advanced education.

“I think that there’s a percentage of the real estate agent sales people that really recognize that getting the highest possible level of education is really important in order to represent their clients, to set them apart from the industry norm,” she said. “That seems to be increasing.”

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