Using video to close deals

by Neil Sharma16 Oct 2017
BombBomb is fast becoming a favourite tool among sales agents to follow up on leads and close deals.

Rather than writing uninspired emails, as most professionals are wont to do, BombBomb allows users to send video messages instead, creating rapport with potential clients and, in some cases, vastly increasing business output.

Jason Doornbos, enterprise account executive of BombBomb, says text will always be inferior to face-to-face interactions, and in a profession predicated upon cultivating relationships, BombBomb is especially useful.

“We make it easier for agents to build relationships and to get face-to-face with clients more often, because agents, and sales professionals in general, know they’re more effective face-to-face than in plain text email,” said Doornbos. “If you think about it, this is exactly why emojis were made – to put emotion into text – and even that doesn’t portray what you would be saying face-to-face.”

BombBomb is also used by sales agents to record their listings. Doornbos says that video has become an essential component of any sales agent’s repertoire, but being able to gauge a video listing’s interest is a major advantage.

“If you’re using BombBomb to send listing videos, you can see who watched it and for how long,” he said. “It gives agents a better gauge on how to prospect.”

Additionally, the platform can be used to for lead generation. BombBomb allows users to see when their messages have been viewer, which is essential for knowing when to follow up.

“If hot leads go cold or anything like that, it’s the best way to re-engage them,” said Doornbos. “If you’re calling while they’re watching your video, you’re not interrupting their time. It’s also harder to say no to a person when you’re face-to-face than it is by plain text email. Psychologically, us humans tend not to shy away from people when we speak to them directly, but if somebody texted you or wrote you, you could respond in your own time or ignore it. It’s just harder to say no to a face.”

Doornbos also said brokerages are using BombBomb as a way to recruit new talent.

“It’s oneof the best ways brokers will use bombbomb.”


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