Vacation is good for the body and soul – and business

by Jamie Henry25 Nov 2014
With a growing number of agents expected to work straight through the holiday season, some industry veterans are arguing it may be better for their health – and especially their businesses – to take a vacation.
“Those kinds of things are very important, because it prevents a person from burning out,” says Frank Lansard, a sales rep with Powell Property Group in Winnipeg. “I think that’s extremely important.”
Charles Pace, a broker with Harbourside Realty in Halifax, says there’s more to life than real estate – as hard as that may be for some agents to believe – and taking time for those other things can actually benefit your business.
“You need to sharpen your axe, you have to take some time off to keep yourself sharp,” he says. “I think balance is the key and that’s one of the hardest things to do … finding the balance between work and family and whatever you do for hobbies, you just have to balance it – that’s the recipe, not just for real estate, but for life.”
Most agents would agree that real estate needn’t be a round-the-clock profession. Instead, more agents are opting to switch off after a certain time in the evenings, and take extended vacations with family and friends.
“I don’t think real estate is done 24/7, I think it’s the type of business or career that is done through normal business hours and on the weekends,” Pace says. “So I don’t think you need to be accessible at two o’clock in the morning.”
Pace says he aims to work one day on the weekend, but things have a habit of coming up and it becomes difficult to work around those things.
“There needs to be balance no matter what you do,” he says. “It may change as you go along, but you need to keep the balance as you go. This way, you’re able to stay sharp and have a satisfying life, and be a better agent as a result.”

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