Warn your Calgary-based investor clients

by REP20 Jan 2015
Agents with investor clients in the Calgary area should warn those clients about a man illegally operating as a property manager.
According to the Real Estate Council of Alberta, Jason Schuller – also known as Jai or Jay Schuller – has been operating as a property manager, despite not having the appropriate licensing.
Schuller has associated himself with Private Home Management, Private Home Maintenance Inc. and PH Consulting Group Ltd., each located in Calgary. Neither Schuller nor these companies are licensed or ever have been licensed in the province of Alberta.
Clients losing money as a result of working with licensed players may be eligible for compensation from RECA, but that doesn't apply to the Schuller case given he was unlicensed.

Visit www.reca.ca for more information.


  • by RECA Communications 1/20/2015 10:33:18 AM

    The statement in the article "If you have lost money as a result of working with Schuller or one of his companies, you may be eligible for compensation from RECA." is incorrect. RECA's Consumer Protection Fund only protects consumers who are working with licensed industry members; Schuller and his companies are not licensed. That's why we always recommend that consumers ensure they are working with licensed property management, real estate brokerage, mortgage brokerage and real estate appraisal professionals.

  • by Property Manager 1/20/2015 12:23:50 PM

    There are hundreds of Property Managers that operate all over Canada and are unlicensed. Most of them are very experienced, they just aren't interested in being part of any greedy brokerage. If Mr. Schuller has E&O insurance, you can get compensation. He probably does a better job than most real estate brokerages.

  • by Renter 1/20/2015 10:57:26 PM

    I just googled this dude and came up with the Better Business Bureau site which rates him an F and all the complaints claim he stole their money. So for you to make the comment above, my guess you are either the dude mentioned in the article or some other crook who is unlicensed trying to swindle people. I personally would rather go with someone who is licensed and insured. I even attached the link to the BBB site.


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