We don’t need no… coaching?

by Olivia D'Orazio05 Dec 2014
It’s the ultimate pat on the backs of brokers, as a majority of agents have yet to use the services of a real estate coach, largely due to the in-house training many brokerages offer.
“There are a lot of different [kinds of coaching],” Kristy Moffitt, an agent in Calgary, tells REP. “Our broker does a lot of coaching for the agents here. There are always new things happening in the industry. It’s a lifelong learning profession to be in.”
According to a REP online poll, 53 per cent of respondents have not used the services of a real estate coach, and 57 per cent of those agents said they had no interest in ever doing so.
Many top-producing agents have also found a system that works for them, and simply cannot find the time to improve their already bustling businesses.
“A lot of agents, and especially top agents, are busy with their clients so they don’t have the time,” Moffitt says. “That’s time that takes them away from working with their clients.”
But, one unsurprising source says many of those agents who dismiss coaching services are part-timers who are just not dedicated to the profession.
“The 80/20 rule in real estate applies,” says Sam Kamkamoupsis, a head coach with AgentCoach.ca. “Twenty per cent of the agents – or even less – do very well in the business because they invest in the systems and coaching. But there are a lot of agents who do not use real estate as a big source of income and they have no interest in improving. They’re not in it full-time or dedicated 100 per cent to the profession.”

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