What are real estate lead generation companies and services?

by Corben Grant on 31 Jan 2022

If you want to take your real estate business to the next level, you should seriously consider looking for ways to boost your lead generation. One of the most consistent methods to gain more qualified leads is to hire the services of one of many real estate lead generation companies. These companies take the guesswork and effort off of your plate and provide you with expert service and resources to make your efforts a success. There are thousands of agents who rely on these businesses for their services every day and are seeing great results.

With so much of our world moving online, the world of lead generation companies is booming in the digital space. Though there are lead generation tactics that take place in the real world, the majority of these companies operate online but nonetheless see amazing results.

When it comes to choosing what services are right for you, there are a lot of different options to choose from. Many companies offer a range of features, though some will be better in some areas than others. With all of the different packages, prices, and services it may be daunting to get started working with a lead generation company, but we want to make it easier for you to get started.

In this article, we are going to take you through everything you need to know to choose the real estate lead generation company that is right for you and explain some of the services they can offer.

Why lead generation matters for real estate agents

Lead generation is a crucial skill for any business that relies on sales, so lead generation is well-practiced even outside of real estate. As a real estate agent, you are working in a field with many different qualified real estate professionals competing to work for prospective clients. Ultimately, you can not make sales if you can't reach clients and lead generation is the process that allows you to find potential clients before your competitors. Being able to generate real estate leads can mean the difference between no sales and many sales, so it's no surprise that so many real estate agents are investing heavily in their lead generation techniques.

Why you should look into a lead generation company

Lead generation isn't just something that you need to consider if you aren't able to make enough sales. Even the busiest real estate agents still need to generate leads, in fact, that may be why they are so successful in the first place. This is because getting quality leads is not just about making sales, but developing and maintaining relationships and a reputation in your local market. 

You also don't need to wait to be a big-time agent to begin looking into lead generation companies. Though a new agent may not need the same level of lead generation as a well-established one, or will not be able to put a lot of money in, you can still see a lot of benefits even with a relatively small amount of money and effort.

So in general, lead generation companies can help any working agent. However, there are some cases where you should very strongly consider working with a lead generation company. 

For example, if you work in a very busy market, there can be a lot of competition for clients, and these companies can offer you the competitive edge to get a leg up on your competition.

You may also want to look into levelling up your lead generation if you feel like you have reached as far as you can on your own. If you feel like a lack of leads is leaving business on the table, and could be the next step to an even bigger business for your real estate career, do not hesitate to look into these more advanced techniques.

What services are commonly offered

There are numerous different services that are offered by lead generation companies to real estate agents. These services all approach the process is somewhat different ways, though with the same end goal of helping you collect more leads.

Each different service is going to work a little differently. For one, some will be very direct in collecting leads, while others will rely on a more organic marketing strategy. There is also a difference in the time span of these strategies. Some services payoff quickly, while others are part of a long process of gradual growth. Finally, each service is going to have different prices based on the complexity and returns.

In the next section, we are going to go over some of the most common lead generation services and highlight the pros and cons, to help you better understand what may be right for you. What works for one agent may not be right for another, so understanding what each service can mean for you will help your money be used most effectively. If you need more specific advice, ask a lead generation company to walk you through what the best plans are for your goals and budget, and they will be happy to help you develop a plan to get the most from your marketing efforts.

Buying leads

On the most basic level, some real estate lead generation companies simply specialize in generating real estate leads on their own, which they then sell to agents who purchase leads. This can be a quick and effective way to get qualified leads in a pinch. 

In terms of how much real estate leads cost, these companies offer different price ranges, where you can buy anywhere from a single lead at a time to much larger packages. You may be able to get exclusive leads or you may be getting leads that are shared with other agents as well. You can also buy both buyer leads and seller leads from these businesses.

The downside of purely buying leads is that you don't always get a chance to tailor these leads to your needs, and you may not find them to be as high quality as more organically generated leads. Also, since these companies generate their own leads that they then sell, you don't have the ability to develop and curate your personal brand and image which can be very helpful for long-term lead generation strategies.

In general, if you are looking for a fast and affordable way to get some leads now, this may be the option for you, but if you want to invest in a long term strategy to consistently find good leads, you may want to consider the more involved options further down.


For a lot of people, the first step in looking for a real estate agent is to simply head to a search engine and look up agents in their area. This presents amazing opportunities for agents, as anyone who is searching for "Toronto real estate agent" for example, has already to some extent qualified themselves and demonstrated their interest in working with someone like you.

The idea now is to make yourself appear in front of those clients who are searching in your area. In general, sites like Google want to provide their visitors with quality search results, so they try to show only the most relevant results to the given term. The key to SEO is creating your web content in a manner that will allow your pages to show up highest in search results. This isn't simply gaming the system as you still need to provide quality content for the search engine to find. This means not only are potential leads landing on your site more often, but they are finding quality content for them to consume, thus making them interested in you as a real estate agent.

In theory, you can do some rudimentary SEO on your own, but lead generation companies can help you with their specialized tools designed to fine-tune your content for exactly what the search engine and your clients want and you will see much better results when they are handling the process.

This method can take a bit more time to begin appearing high in search, but the effort will very much pay off as few people look beyond the first few results before deciding on what they are looking for.

Social media marketing and advertising

These days, almost everyone is using social media to some extent and this includes your potential clients. That is why social media platforms have made big bucks by running themselves as massive advertising platforms. With social media advertising, you can quickly and easily get your name in front of interested clients. Most platforms will allow you to choose specifically who sees your ads, so you can target certain age groups, geographic areas, or people with certain interests.

Again, you could set up ads on your own, but there is a real art to getting your message across in the limited amount of words and space that you have. Advertising specialists will be able to help you make the most of your money and get the best results.

Social media marketing goes even beyond just ads. Many agents have seen great success by developing a more organic following and using that to drive interest in their services. Like SEO, you aren't simply selling to people, rather you are creating quality content and becoming a public figure of sorts in real estate which allows leads to come to you naturally.

Lead generation companies can help you by planning what sorts of things you should post and when, as well as helping you interpret how your posts are performing to make the most of your platform.

Content marketing

Content marketing is kind of like social media marketing but focuses more on the content itself. This can be through videos, podcasts, written materials and more. This organic method of lead generation is also like social media marketing because it relies on developing a following and letting the leads come to you. Since developing content can take a lot of time, time that you may not have, lead generation companies can help by connecting you with people who can help create content for you.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective lead generation strategy today. The general idea is to reach out to potential clients and provide them with valuable email content in the hopes that you can convert them to clients. Again, you aren't simply emailing ads. One popular method is known as a lead magnet which is usually a free offering like an ebook that gets leads to sign up to your email mailing list in order to receive. From there, you can use an email drip as an effective means to connect with your leads and convert them.

While emails are free and easy to send, properly designing email campaigns that are effective can be an art in itself. That's why many agents hire lead generation companies for these services, in order to most efficiently take advantage of this medium.

Choosing a company for you

If you are thinking of starting with a real estate lead generation company, you are going to have to make a decision between many different potential companies. Each of these companies will have similar services and likely have competitive prices. If you know there are a few services that stand out most to you or you are working with a particular budget, this can be helpful in guiding you towards a decision on who to work with.

Merged Real Estate Marketing

Our partner, Merged Real Estate Marketing, provides full-service marketing and advertising services for real estate agents across North America. Their team is skilled in SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and more, and can help you develop a lead-gen strategy that will have you finding success in your real estate career. Head to their website to book a call with them to get started today.

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