What does the industry think of association unification?

by Justin da Rosa01 Jun 2016
Opinions are mixed on a forthcoming real estate board amalgamation vote.

We recently polled our audience and asked whether or not they would vote in favour of amalgamation of real estate boards.

Agents outside British Columbia voted heavily in favour of unification, with 81% of participants saying they would vote for it.

In B.C., however -- which may soon see its real estate association and various boards unite under the new name “Realtors of B.C” – agents were less keen. Only 43% of B.C.-based pollsters said they would vote in favour of a merger.

Those results may surprise many industry players.

“Probably 75% of voters will vote for [the Realtors of BC],” Scott Simmons, an agent in British Columbia, argued prior to the release of REP’s poll.

Simmons argues unification would be a good thing for agents in each province.

“All of the data would come out of one feed; all the data for the entire province will be available on one system and right now it’s spread out over 12 boards,” Simmons said. “It’ll give us freedom to move around; the problem now is getting all the data. We can do it now but there are a lot of hoops to jump through.”

A vote for unification of British Columbia’s real estate boards is tentatively scheduled for June 28, REP reported in late May.

“With Realtors of BC, there will be no big boards or small boards, there will just be one organization representing the interests of all Realtors in the province,” BCREA President Deanna Horn said at the time. “The new organization will provide an opportunity for organized real estate to have an even bigger impact on how we are viewed, and for having our voices heard when and where it counts like never before.”

No word yet on whether other provinces will propose similar restructuring.

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