What is it like having the “Trump” name?

by Ephraim Vecina24 Oct 2016
When it comes to having the best of both worlds, real estate agent Jim Trump of the Trump Realty team has little competition, at least until the U.S. presidential elections finally blow over—or so he hopes.
The Flower Mound, Texas agent kept mum about his choice of candidate.
“I'm not going to say who I'm going to vote for in the upcoming election, but may the best person win,” he told CW33 News Fix.
The extra attention stemming from the surname’s recognizability has been both good and bad, Jim said, with the added client traffic being counteracted by tensions such as a recent trip to a grocery store, in which a cashier almost refused to validate Jim’s transactions (the incident was defused by assurances from Jim’s business partner that they were not related to “that Trump”).
The name has proven to be a fount for uncertainty, with the Republican Party nominee continuously making headlines just weeks ahead of the elections. Recently, the Trump International Hotel—which is not actually owned by the Donald—was snubbed by Hollywood personalities who attended the Toronto International Film Festival last September.
Famed investor and billionaire Alex Shnaider, who holds a $300 million outstanding loan, has placed the building on the market since May. Any would-be buyers would have the option to remove the “Trump” signage from the top of the building.
Donald Trump’s belligerent statements against various groups and scathing attacks on political opponents have also shooed away people from New York City’s Trump Hotels, with data from FourSquare revealing that foot traffic around the building shrank by 17 per cent year-over-year in July.

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