Why to become a real estate agent in Vancouver

by Kandace Gallant on 23 Dec 2021

If you’re looking to delve into the real estate industry, you’re probably wondering where you should pursue your career goals.

While any city needs real estate agents, there are top real estate markets in Canada where agents love to thrive and become successful, including Vancouver; the city known for its rain, mountain views, and easy livability.

4 reasons to start your real estate career in the bustling city of Vancouver

1. There are a ton of neighbourhoods to get settled in

There are 22 different neighbourhoods in Vancouver. This gives you an opportunity to settle into the one that works best for you, but also to test out which market you will succeed the most in. Every agent ends up specializing in buying/selling different types of properties (condos, detached homes, investments, etc.) and working with different types of buyers (first-timers, downsizers, investors, etc.), but it’ll be easy to find your niche in a market like Vancouver. Which brings us to our next point.

2. There are a ton of different listings

Not only are there 22 neighbourhoods, but there are a ton of different properties that will appeal to certain people. While certain neighbourhoods are condo-heavy, some are full of older detached homes, and some are full of more modern, newly built townhomes. But there’s one thing that a lot of these properties have in common that interests buyers: the stunning views of the city, mountains, and water. These are key selling features that will not only make your clients extremely happy but also make your job easier. The views are what drive people to Vancouver in the first place so once you find the type of listing you work best with, you can play to those strengths with the help of the city’s stunning views.

3. There are always new people looking to move to Vancouver

Vancouver’s population grows year after year. From now until 2050, experts expect the population to grow annually by 35,000. That means that by 2050, 3.8 million people will live in the Metro Vancouver area - comparable to the populations of Montreal and Seattle whose regions have 4 million people.

You know what this means? Plenty of potential clients that you can establish relationships with, build trust, referral lists, and ultimately, reach your business goals.

4. There are plenty of teams to work with

Finding your place with a real estate team in Vancouver can be much easier than in other markets since there are plenty of top teams to choose from. If you’re just starting out, joining a real estate team holds many benefits, particularly if you have dreams of going solo in the future. A team can help you build your portfolio, meet new clients, build a network of trusted professionals, and help you with your marketing efforts.

Have any questions about starting your real estate career in Vancouver?

Speaking to a professional real estate team or agent in Vancouver is a great first step in determining if that market is right for you, especially if you don’t live in the area and have a lot of questions. If this is the case, reach out to The Brand Real Estate Group; a close-knit team that specializes in Coal Harbour real estate listings and who are lifelong residents of Vancouver.

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